$37, 97 Days, And Thousands of Doors to Go!

Published on July 17, 2018

Key campaign threshold recently: it’s now double digits until election day.

As I write this, it’s 81 days to advance polls and 97 to election day. My team and I have already knocked on thousands of doors and it remains our goal to knock on every single door in the Ward at least once. You might not be there when we do – but you’ll have a message as proof that we were there. If you receive one of our “leave behinds” I really do encourage you to reach out and share your thoughts on issues – any issue - that are important to you and that your municipal representative should be working on.  I’ve received e-mails about enforcing speed limits, about a development that’s affecting the daily lives of people living next door, and even about a tree that needs to be cut (with the appreciated bit of honesty that the tree is on a neighbour’s property). I’ve since visited the spot where cars go fast, I met with neighbours about the development, and I’ve even seen the tree.  

Perhaps the e-mails or questions that I’m most happy to receive are those that have four words: “How can I help?” My answer is always the same: “Get involved.” This might mean spreading the word among friends and neighbours, volunteering for the campaign or a community organization, liking our page on Facebook, or by making a small donation. With respect to donations, I know that a lot of time we reflect on how much we should give – is it too much? is this too little? Just as with the concrete policy solutions that I am putting forward to tackle the issues in our Ward, I am trying to be straight up with everyone: I’m asking those interested in making a financial contribution to donate $37 for new leadership and fresh ideas in Ward 37. You’ll receive a $27.75 rebate for a $37 contribution, meaning that the true cost to you will be $9.25. I think that this is decent investment to make to improve our shared spaces, to take concrete action on vacant storefronts, and to show leadership at City Hall on crime and gun violence in our city.

Less than 100 days to go until the finish line and many, many doors to knock on still!

- Josh Makuch