Home Intro

When I’ve faced daunting challenges, no one has ever told me to let it go, to stay on the sidelines, not to worry about it, to give up. Not my parents, not my coaches and teachers, definitely not the men and women I led and served with in Afghanistan, and none of my clients in business. They’ve all said, “Get in the game – find a way. Listen, build consensus, fight when necessary.”

It’s in that spirit that I’m running for Toronto City Council to represent Beaches - East York. Because we have serious challenges and amazing opportunities.

Affordability and accessibility. Crime and guns. Vacant storefronts. Congestion, transit, Woodbine.

If you are passionate about our neighbourhood and the issues I'm championing, don't sit on the sidelines - get involved

Volunteer on the campaign, host a lawn sign on your property, and help us with the resources to spread our message to every corner of Beaches - East York by making a donation

I'm not same old, I'm not more of the same.

It's time for new leadership and new ideas in Beaches – East York.