Mayor Tory Deserves a Second Term.

Mayor Tory Deserves a Second Term.

Last week, the Premier blindsided the City of Toronto by proposing to change the size of City Council. Not surprisingly, I’ve since had many conversations on the doorsteps of homes and businesses in Beaches-East York about this very topic. The overwhelming consensus is that the Premier’s initiative was a lesson in the chaos that can ensue in the execution phase of any initiative when the process is ignored and consultation is lacking. Ultimately, only a legislative solution will resolve the matter and Torontonians will have to live with the consequences.

One of these consequences is that we are reminded of the importance, especially in times like these, of voting to ensure that the best people are elected to represent our interests. And this at every level of government.

It is in this spirit that I’m stepping out to highlight my support for Mayor John Tory

The Mayor ran in 2014 to restore honesty, integrity, and trust in the office. I believe he’s done that. He remains committed to making Toronto more livable, more affordable, and more functional. I believe that we are moving forward on these fronts.  Advocating for sensible gun control and crime reduction is a passion of mine. The Mayor’s leadership on gun violence and crime was a telling sign of the kind of person we need steering the ship at City Hall.

I stand with John Tory. 

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