It's time for action on vacant storefronts.

It's time for action on vacant storefronts.

“What’s going on here? First there was one, now there are many closed shopfronts, and there’s more graffiti, dirty windows, etc.”

It takes courage to do what needs to be done to make our streets commercially viable and revitalize our commercial arteries. More than just championing local businesses and encouraging new enterprises to set up shop in the neighbourhood, we need to enable their success. Less red tape, a more streamlined approval process, and concrete action on vacant storefronts.

The effects of vacant storefronts are more than just aesthetic. Prospective businesses opt to go elsewhere and those that are already here have a harder time when the shop next door is vacant and neglected and the overall foot traffic decreases. It can all lead to a tragic downward spiral.

A commercial vacancy tax on empty storefronts isn’t about penalizing commercial property owners for legitimate business decisions. It’s about taking action after an extended period of vacancy.

When our commercial arteries deteriorate, some benefit. When they thrive, we all do.

It's time for a commercial vacancy tax on empty storefronts.

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