Community Safety. I am committed to ensuring that City Council delivers on the plan put forward in the aftermath of the Danforth shooting. I will also enable local initiatives and be responsive to requests for more patrols by a more diverse police force, better lighting and cameras at parks and transit stations, and more youth recreational programming.

Gridlock and Bike Lanes. I will get traffic and transit moving again. Leveraging smart technology and the synchronization of traffic signals, we can do better for drivers, public transit users, and cyclists. My only bias is a bias for action that gets us all moving again. I’m open to new ideas and willing revisit past decisions. I am the only candidate committed to reopening the discussion on the Woodbine Bike Lanes.

Commercial Avenues Revitalization. I have the courage to do what needs to be done to make our streets commercially viable. I will champion local businesses and encourage new enterprises to set roots in our neighbourhood. And I will enable their success. Less red tape, a more streamlined approval process, and concrete action on vacant storefronts. Because when commercial arteries deteriorate, few benefit. When they thrive, we all do.