Safer Streets

There have been 24 pedestrian deaths in Toronto this year. In residential areas of our Ward, driving applications like Waze and Google Maps have brought increased traffic to side streets. Usually, this increased traffic is avoiding a traffic jam elsewhere. Often the driver is in a hurry.

Safer Streets is much more than a signage issue and posted speed limits alone are not enough to slow drivers down. Traffic calming measures, enforcement of the rules, and ensuring that crossing guards are on the job when and where they need to be are just some of the concrete actions we need to take to guarantee results. People - not vehicles - should be given priority on residential streets and the spaces where we gather as a community. We need to lean forward and be proactive on safer streets and the time to do so is now.

As your City Councillor, I will:

Streamline and be responsive to Community Council requests for:

Measures that will make our streets safer by design. Things like the shortening of cross-walk distances, ensuring sufficient lighting at night and that paint is fresh and visible on roads, speed bumps, and creative solutions like using planter boxes to slow traffic where we walk, shop, and our children play.

Enforcement action at troublesome areas to include radar speed warning signs (that tell drivers how fast they are going), crossing guards, and, as required, photo radar and increased police patrol presence.  


The expansion of Safe Zones around schools, parks, and other community-centric locations where pedestrian safety needs to be at the forefront.    

Sensible measures that reduce through traffic and slow vehicles down where we live and where our children play.


Note that you can report an ongoing Local Neighbourhood Traffic Issue or Concern via the Toronto Police Services website. Click here to file a report.