Why I'm Running


When I’ve faced daunting challenges, no one has ever told me to let it go, to stay on the sidelines, not to worry about it, to give up. Not my parents, not my coaches and teachers, definitely not the men and women I led and served with in Afghanistan, and none of my clients in business. They’ve all said, “Get in the game – find a way. Listen, build consensus, fight when necessary.”

It’s in that spirit that I’m running for Toronto City Council to represent Beaches - East York. Because we have serious challenges and amazing opportunities.

Affordability and accessibility. Crime and guns. Vacant storefronts. Congestion, transit, the Woodbine bike lanes.

These aren't wedge issues - they're community issues. And my commitment to you is that I'll work tirelessly to address them and make our community a more shared, sustainable, and dynamic place to live.


I will reopen the discussion and address design flaws, congestion, and safety concerns on roads such as Woodbine. I believe all options should be on the table when it comes to the Woodbine bike lanes, including removing, relocating, or reconfiguring them. I will push for the building of safe infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians.

I will continue the fight for Safer Neighbourhoods, ensuring that Council delivers on its response to the rash of gun violence in our city. 

I will advocate for fairness in access with respect to our Parks and Recreation programs.


I will address the problem of vacant storefronts and promote local businesses in Beaches - East York.

I will protect our green space, beaches, and parks. 

I will champion accessibility and affordable housing.


Communities thrive when they embrace a culture that is open to new ideas that challenge the status quo – not just the same, recycled faces and policies. We need to be able to look at age-old problems like parking and transit with a 2018 lens and not be shy about proposing new, bold ideas for consideration.

I will propose modern solutions to age-old problems like street parking

I am committed to ensuring value for money for the taxes we pay.

I will prioritize open consultation as the central tenet of sensible policy development.


~Service to country and service to community~