It's time to get us moving again.

The Bottom Line Up Front

I will get traffic and transit moving again. Leveraging smart technology and the synchronization of traffic signals, we can do better for drivers, public transit users, and cyclists. My only bias is a bias for action that gets us all moving again. I’m open to new ideas and willing to revisit past decisions. I am the only candidate committed to reopening the discussion on the Woodbine Bike Lanes with all options on the table.

Where I stand on the Woodbine Bike Lanes

What you've told me:

1) You weren't consulted. Not before, not after they were installed.

2) Safety Issues, Design Flaws. Traffic is being diverted from Woodbine onto side streets, creating a dangerous environment for children. The design creates confusion, idling congestion, and red tape for drivers and people who live along Woodbine and  neighbouring roads.

3) They're not being used extensively. Little or minimal use is a common observation. No one would categorize the current level of usage as a success. 

My commitment to you: 

I'll reopen the discussion about the Woodbine Bike Lanes and put all options on the table. Together, we'll decide whether to:

1) Remove the Woodbine Bike Lanes. This isn't as complicated as it might sound. We're talking about plastic cones and paint.

2) Relocate the Woodbine Bike Lanes. We'll find a better location with better results. 

3) Reconfigure the Woodbine Bike Lanes. Address design problems causing frustration for cyclists and drives, especially at intersections. 

Sign the Woodbine Bike Lanes Petition if you agree. 

Disclaimer: I am pro-bike lanes. A well-integrated, protected, and extensive network of bike lanes will make it easier and safer to move around the city. I believe that biking and public transit shouldn’t just be viable options -- to be successful, they need to be better options. I also believe that consultation and feedback - before and after a project is executed - is critical to success. Citizens have a right to have their voices heard and they deserve a representative at City Hall that listens to their concerns. If politicians are willfully deaf to the electorate, then citizens have every right to take this issue to the ballot box. I'm taking it with me as a candidate for City Council in Beaches-East York. 

If you are passionate about this issue, Volunteer on the campaign, show your support with a Free Lawn Sign, and help us to spread our message to every corner of Beaches - East York by making a donation.