It’s time to acknowledge the problems with the Woodbine Bike Lanes.

I am pro-bike lanes. Full stop. A well-integrated, protected, and extensive network of bike lanes will make it easier and safer to move around the city. I believe that biking and public transit shouldn’t just be viable options -- to be successful, they need to be better options. 

I also believe that feedback once a project is completed is just as important as consultation beforehand. This is especially important when a project is executed poorly. 

When I talk to my neighbours at their doors, three key concerns keep coming up about the Woodbine bike lanes: 

  1.    Traffic is being diverted from Woodbine onto side streets, creating a dangerous environment for children.
  2.    They're not being used extensively.
  3.    The design creates confusion, idling congestion, and red tape for drivers and people who live along Woodbine and  neighbouring roads.

Public consultation should not be a footnote to any study of this issue. Citizens have a right to have their voices heard and they deserve a representative at City Hall that listens to their concerns. If politicians are willfully deaf to the electorate, then citizens have every right to take this issue to the ballot box. I'm taking it with me as a candidate for City Council in Beaches-East York.

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